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People avoid or delay creating estate plans because they do not want to think about dying. People get peace of mind when their estate plan is completed. It’s important to plan in the appropriate way and ensure that the right documents are completed correctly and legally. Thinking about your Will on the way to the hospital is not the best time to do good planning.

Can Someone Do An Estate Plan Without An Attorney?

While people can and do estate planning on their own without the assistance of an attorney they run the risk of making mistakes. Sometimes more damage can be done with the wrong document than no document at all, which can cause more expense and family dissension. Correctly prepared documents carry out your wishes without confusion and without unnecessary expense or delay.

How Often Should People Review Their Estate Plan?

If there have been changes to a person’s family situation, such as the death of a family member, the birth of a child, or a marriage, then they should review their estate plan and ensure that it is still in accordance with their wishes. Sometimes people’s feelings toward certain family members will change, and they may need to adjust their documents in response to that. It’s a good idea to have an attorney review the documents and assist with adjustments that need to be made. If someone moves and has a different address than the one listed in the documents, it is unlikely that the document will have to be changed. However, if someone moves to a different state, then they might want to make sure that the documents in their estate plan will be valid in the state to which they move.

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