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What’s the Difference Between a Lawsuit and a Claim?

  • By: Starr Law Offices
  • Published: November 2, 2016

In this video blog, you’ll get the answer to this frequently asked question: “What’s the Difference Between a Lawsuit and a Claim?”

Hi, this is Ted Starr. I’m an attorney in Pinellas Park, Florida and I’d like to answer some questions. Today the question is what’s the difference between a lawsuit and a claim?

A lawsuit is typically filed in a courthouse. It’s usually the beginning part of the process that someone does when they say “I’m going to take this to court.” A Claim is usually something that someone starts when they’re making a claim that’s involving an insurance company. In fact insurance companies call individual actions that are against them “claims.” That’s why they have people called “claims adjusters.” They’re dealing with each of the individual claims that’s involved in any particular incident that an insurance company is insuring them for.

Do claims end up lawsuits? Sure, a lot of times when the claim doesn’t get paid a lawsuit is filed in order for the person to try to recover from the insurance company involved. But a lawsuit and a claim are two different things, but usually they’re centered about one particular incident or accident that has occurred were the person is making some claims.

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