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What To Do In The Event Of A Personal Injury Incident?

  • By: Starr Law Offices
  • Published: May 3, 2016
What to Do in the Event of a Personal Injury Incident

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If an incident takes place that leaves someone injured, it may be difficult to think ahead about potential legal ramifications. But being observant, taking notes and following a few simple procedures could prove invaluable in attaining fair resolution for the victim in a personal injury case. Therefore—for yourself or on behalf of the injured party—try to take these key steps.

  • Take the names of witnesses, including their phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Take photographs of the damage and the surrounding area.
  • If you’re in an automobile accident, photograph your car as well as the other cars and the other people involved. Make sure your photos of specific areas of damage are clear and in focus.
  • In the event of a slip-and-fall accident, take pictures of what caused your fall. Don’t expect the store manager or employees to help you make your claim. Get the store manager’s name, along with the names of any employees involved, and document anything any of these individuals say to you.
  • Don’t rely on store cameras or police photos, because what’s important to other individuals or organizations may not include the details that you need to support a legal claim.
  • Write down your own recollection of the event while it’s still fresh in your memory.
  • Gather as much information as possible; you never know when a small detail will prove important to a case.
  • If you take steps to document the situation, make sure you preserve the information (For example, if you use your smartphone, save the photos in a second secure location right away).
  • Seek reliable legal advice as soon as possible, because the amount of time between the incident and when you start the process to make a claim will prove important.
  • Seek medical attention immediately—failure to do so may affect your claim in several ways.

Remember, you could be the person who is injured, meaning you may be in no condition to do these things yourself. Share these tips with friends and family so everyone will be prepared to look out for one another.

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