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The factors of a viable personal injury claim are adequate documentation of who is responsible and what happened. That includes getting statements from witnesses, photographs of scenes of accidents, and photographs of damage to cars or people. A viable case is one that is adequately documented.

How Important Is The Evidence In A Personal Injury Claim And Same With Witnesses?

The evidence is everything. If you look at the damage on a car, you can get some idea of what happened to the person inside the car. You have a limited period of time to get this evidence. That is why it is important. Statements from witnesses need to be taken as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until a year later and try to ask someone about an accident that they saw; you want to get to people when their memories are fresh. Without evidence, you do not have a good basis for your claim.

Do You Recommend That Clients Keep A Journal Of Events Following An Accident?

A client’s journal helps me when we are evaluating and describing their claim. The journal can put me back with that person in the days after the accident. It is easy to forget because as you move on with your life, you may still have some effects of the injury, but you have forgotten about all the daily inconveniences.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Typically Take On Average To Be Resolved?

The length of a case depends on how much treatment the person gets and how much documentation there is. The quicker you work at the beginning, the quicker the case gets resolved. If you wait to do your investigation, that can extend the case.

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