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Does A Pre-Existing Injury Prevent You From Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

  • By: Starr Law Offices
  • Published: February 7, 2017


In this video blog, you’ll get the answer to this frequently asked question: Does A Pre-Existing Injury Prevent You From Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

Hi, I’m Ted Starr, an attorney in Pinellas Park, Florida and I’m here to answer some questions. The question we have today is what happens if you have old injuries from another accident or maybe a sporting event and the person has a new injury from a car accident or some other type of incident? Does that prevent them from making a claim? No. It doesn’t prevent you from making a claim. It just means that you’re more of a regular person that might have had an old car accident or old sports injury. It’s very common. Most people have that, or many people have that in their background. But that doesn’t mean that a new injury is something that they can’t make a claim from. That sounds like that’s insurance company talk for pre-existing condition which is another attempt to try to exclude you from making a claim for injuries just because you have an old injury. That’s an excuse for why they don’t want to pay for the injuries that you sustained in a new accident. So, does an old accident prevent you from making a claim? No, it doesn’t! But if you ask the insurance company, they’ll say, yes it does. But they’re wrong. If you have an old injury from an old accident, that doesn’t stop you from making a claim in this new injury.

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