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Are Online Wills Valid?

  • By: Starr Law Offices
  • Published: November 22, 2016


In this video blog, you’ll get the answer to this frequently asked question: Is an online will valid?

Hi, my name is Ted Starr. I’m an attorney in Pinellas Park, Florida and I’m here to answer some questions. The question is: are online wills valid? Yes, a will that you prepare through an online source can be valid. What makes a will valid is not where you got the will, it’s how you execute and complete the will. Is it properly signed? Is it properly witnessed? Is there a notary that’s available for the witnesses & for the person who signed the will? And then furthermore, is the will clear? Sometimes people write things clearly, and sometimes people are very ambiguous or not complete when they write out their documents. Is it automatically invalid if you do a will online? No, it’s not automatically invalid. It can be perfectly valid. What makes a will valid is that it’s done completely from start to finish. And that can be done through those online sources. It can be done through a Florida attorney. There are even wills that are prepared outside the state of Florida that are still valid. So what makes a will valid is how it was exactly done. If you have any questions about a will, usually an attorney that does probate work or does wills can tell you quickly whether a will is valid or not. Certainly you want to find out if a will is valid while you’re still alive because if you wait until you pass away, then you can’t fix what’s wrong with the will. And that’s sometimes the biggest problem with wills, is that there’s a small error that makes a will invalid. It can be a problem. You want to be careful when you do your will. You want to carefully do it so that it’s done correctly.

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