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An Insurance Adjuster Requested My Medical Records; Should I Share Them?

  • By: Starr Law Offices
  • Published: November 17, 2016


In this video blog, you’ll get the answer to this frequently asked question: “An Insurance Adjuster Requested My Medical Records; Should I Share Them?”

Hi, My Name is Ted Starr. I’m an attorney in Pinellas Park, Florida and I’m here to answer some questions. The question today is: If the other driver’s insurance adjuster has asked for my medical records, should I release them? This is something you need to be very careful about.

I definitely don’t think people should let just anybody into their medical records or give authorization to just anybody to recover and take your medical records from your medical providers. Medical records need to be kept private in this country. If you release your medical records then you’ve lost your medical record privacy. So you want to be very careful who you let have access to your medical records.

I think that’s an important question and I think the person should be very careful about what records they release to an insurance adjuster – especially to the insurance adjuster for the other side, the other person – the one who you’re going to be asking to make payment to you. And just so you know, just because an insurance adjuster has requested medical bills, doesn’t mean they’re going to pay them, just means they want to take a look at them. So you want to be very careful what information you disclose and what response you’re expecting when you make that disclosure.

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